E-commerce Website Design Tips - Part 1 - Store Layout

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E-commerce Website Design Tips - Part 1 - Store Layout

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Hello Guys,

Just want to share some e-commerce design tips. It's nothing special. I am pretty sure some of you already know these. This is actually an article I made.

"Website design is one of the most important factors when it comes to e-commerce design. In fact, a good and well-balanced design can help raise conversion rate and sales. But why?

First, website design is the very first thing the customers will see when they arrive at your e-commerce site. All of us know that first impression is very important. It will determine whether your customer will stay for shop or leave immediately.

A good e-commerce website must be more than a mere good look. It should be easy to navigate, and you also should make it clear what kind of product you have on your site.

There are several elements to be found in an e-commerce site, but they can be divided into three main sections: header, main, and footer.

In an E-commerce site, header design is like a storefront in the physical store. The header is the very first thing a visitor will see when the come to your website. That is why the design of your header will largely influence the opinion of your new customers. Unlike the main body of the site, a header has a very limited space. Your header should be able to let the customers know what your offer, and at the same time it must enticing them to come in and browse your products.

In business, the first impression is everything. Of course, most online shoppers come to your site because they already know what they are looking for, but some of them may not aware at all. A study from Stanford proved that about 46% online shoppers will judge whether a site is trustworthy or not based on the visual alone. Basically, you will have 10 seconds to be able to attract a new visitors. Now you understand how important your site header is.


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