3 ways power utilities are shock-proofing the electricity business

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3 ways power utilities are shock-proofing the electricity business

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Hello Guys,

When Thomas Edison opened his first electrical power distribution center in lower Manhattan, he was the toast of New York. Well, at least to the 59 customers who happened to be within a mile radius of Pearl Street.

The limitations of Edison’s DC system left many New Yorkers unconnected from the fledgling power grid, but those people weren’t going to remain in the dark for long. Competing AC providers quickly seized the initiative and supplied the untapped demand, igniting a battle for market share between the rival technologies that left Edison railing against the dangers of what he saw as an inferior system.

Today’s utilities have a similar challenge of adapting to a rapidly evolving industry. However, unlike during Edison’s time, today’s utilities have the added challenge of meeting current demands by harnessing the inconsistent and disruptive power of renewables.

Renewable power, particularly in the form of solar and wind, is perfectly poised to seize the untapped demand pools of today. It has flexibility in terms of scale and location, the ability to operate both with established grids and away from them, as well as cost-competitiveness with fossil fuels. Add to that the urgent need to decarbonize, and you have create serious momentum.


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