Question Sharing network to devices that can't "sign in?"

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Question Sharing network to devices that can't "sign in?"

文章alvinhensel » 週一 7月 17, 2017 6:58 pm

Hello Guys,

Ok - so I am a relative tech novice but can get my way around just fine but I am having trouble finding a product that can help me. At work, the wireless network we use forces us to open a browser and use a username and password to access the network. That's fine and no issues. But I have a device called Boxcast that allows me to video stream certain events. It can work off of a wireless signal, and it finds my computer's wireless network, only it can't log into it (obviously) bc it's incapable of opening a browser and typing in credentials and there is no "back end" to do it either. It needs an open network plain and simple.

So my question, essentially is this. Is there a way for me to access the network through, say, my laptop and then use that access to feed the Boxcast wirelessly? Or, one step further, is there a way to gain wireless access from my laptop and then feed that access to my device through a cable?


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